Our Story

The Cajun Spoon was started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by husband and wife team, Ryan and Kristen Grizzaffi.

We were cooking up Cajun staples when we decided to craft our own Cajun products that stuck true to what we knew as authentic Cajun food. We didn’t want to make just any other salty boxed Cajun food mix- we wanted to make products that tasted and felt like home.

We grew up in Cajun families and learned to cook Cajun food at a young age.

One of the best things you can learn from your Cajun family is how to cook with the elements around you. Cajun food is based on what’s available, and what can serve the most people without breaking the bank (name one Cajun you know that doesn’t have at least 30 first cousins coming over to eat). We quickly learned how to master the art of Cajun cooking and our mission is to keep that flavorful culture that we know and love alive in our own special way.

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